Transmission #4
January, 2020. Finally, our deformed child Llagas y Estigmas has been spit out as CD while Discos MeCagoEnDios is working with the vinyl edition. We've just returned from our first couple of shows introducing the Mk II of Proscrito, after Óscar's departure and Gusi's arrival, now taking care of the beating duties (whatever that may mean). We're currently crafting new stuff and rehearsing hard for the upcoming gigs to come, so be forewarned and keep an eye open for the impending dread. Until then, spread the word and buy our merchandise via our social sites announced herein (look for the command section).

Transmission #3
September, 2019. After returning victorious from a couple or three shows with more hassle than before and struggling with a rip off label that shall remain unnamed (no pennies were wasted nor tears spilled, although time and patience are unvaluable resources indeed), Memento Mori will take care of our debut full-length, to be issued during the first month of the new decade. The competition game is still an unnecessary chore but we've just entered the arena with an Instagram and Facebook page. Feel free to follow us for some slow news and pictures for your own enjoyment. Some new gigs on the horizon and some more to be announced sometime soon, so be forewarned: now this machine kills.

Transmission #2
November (coming fire), 2018. As we're finishing the last bile strokes that will conform our debut full-length, Llagas y Estigmas (soon to be dead by the following month), we've just arranged a couple of shows to present this our new indecency to anyone who is ready to go ahead into the pandemonium. First one will take place in Zaragoza, along with our all-time allies Insulters; then, we'll invade Tarraco with Morbid Flesh, some more virile riffage and thundering abyss. More info on the attrition page. Light up the skies...

Transmission #1
February, 2018. Proscrito's one and only official site on the vast Internet rests opened just to have total control over the creature and avoid cheap competitions of followers/spamming and useless chit-chat in the popularity game that social networks truly foster. As for the band goes, we have around +30 minute worth of maggoty stuff already arranged, severing, knitting and gluing together some more chunks of flesh in order to properly record a debut full-length and whatnot. Until then, we are looking forward to play some more shows to disembowel El Calvario and make our live curriculum look less shameful, so please feel free to contact us if you are willing to afford travel expenses and a place to crash in. Onward into glory ride.

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